Monday, April 12, 2010

Do you like to tour Texas wineries?

Greg Cobb, an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University took the time to map the locations of Texas wineries and the results are fascinating.

We knew there was a huge cluster around the Hill Country because folks with enough spare money to be able to dump a wad into a hobby end up with a place in the Hill Country. (Most commonly heard joke in the Texas wine business: How do you make a small fortune int the wine business? Start with a large fortune.) But check the amazing growth of wineries north of Waco and east of Wichita Falls.

In any case, this interactive map is a huge help for anyone that likes to tour Texas wineries. This is something the folks at Texas A&M should be proud of, a smart way to further a vital piece of Texas tourism. Bravo to Dr. Cobb!

Here's the URL for the map.

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